Dr. Marie Sanfey M.Sc.

Masters in Aesthetic Dentistry, King's College, London

BDS NUI (Honours) M.J.D.F Royal College of Surgeons

Lecturer in Cosmetic Dentistry, King's College, London & Trinity College Dublin

Marie qualified as a dentist from University College Cork. She moved to London where she worked for three years in Westminster and also worked for three years in Kent. During this time, she completed many training courses including Invisalign and 6 Month Smiles. Having successfully completed her MJDF exams, Marie became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England.

Marie studied for three further years to be awarded a Masters degree in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry in King’s College London. This qualification is held by very few dentists in the country. Having completed the course, Marie was delighted to be invited back by King's as teaching staff. She now teaches and examines other qualified dentists undertaking this course.

Having a huge passion for dentistry and dental education, Marie also works every Monday in the Dublin Dental Hospital supervising clinics with undergraduate dental students.

Marie also completed a year long course in implant dentistry in the Northumberland Institute of Dental Medicine. She works alongside our specialist oral surgeon regularly restoring implants.

Marie is very passionate about her work and does everything she can to care for her patients. She is a perfectionist and will not be happy until you are!

What our patients say about Marie

“I definitely feel more confident in my smile, I don’t hide my face. It was definitely worth investing in braces. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, because now I have a smile for life.”

Aislinn, Dublin

Six Month Braces

Certificates and Qualifications


Academy of Dental Excellence Diploma

Diplomate of the Academy of Dental Excellence


Diploma of Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties

Awarded by The Royal College of Surgeons


Kings College London

Dr Sanfey now trains dental students in the first year of their three year Masters Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry in King's College London.

Patient Cases

Siobhan had wanted to improve her smile for quite some time. Following an initial consultation with Dr. Sanfey, Siobhan decided to opt for Instant Veneers to help fill out her smile and as you can see, she's thrilled with the results!

I would highly recommend Seapoint Clinic. The staff are friendly and welcoming. The service and results I received exceeded my expectations, Dr Sanfey is a wonderful dentist and is a perfectionist. Overall it has been a great experience.

Siobhan O'Neill, Dun LaoghaireInstant Veneers

Siobhan had wanted to improve her smile for quite some time. Following an initial consultation with Dr. Sanfey, Siobhan decided to opt for Instant Veneers to help fill out her smile and as you can see, she's thrilled with the results!

It's given me a huge boost in confidence.

Emma O'Gorman, KilkennyInstant Veneers

Emma recently came to Seapoint Clinic looking to improve her smile with Instant Veneers. Following her initial consultation, Emma had her brand new smile in just one visit with Dr. Marie Sanfey.

I'm really pleased that it could all be done so quickly.

Daniel Beggs, FoxrockInstant Veneers

Daniel came to the clinic as he was unhappy with the gaps in his teeth. He wanted a quick solution so that his new smile was ready for his upcoming debs ball. As Daniel's teeth were already healthy, Dr Marie Sanfey opted for composite veneers to transform his smile and close up any gaps. Daniel's veneers were completed in one single visit and he couldn't be happier with his new smile.

I’m honestly delighted with the work done by Dr Marie Sanfey.

Bernadette Marsh, BallinteerInstant Veneers

Bernadette came to the clinic looking to completely change her smile. She had an old veneer and some older fillings that had become quite discoloured and they were starting to make her very self conscious about smiling. After meeting Dr Sanfey they decided on a mix of porcelain and composite veneers to transform her smile. Bernadette has now started to regain her confidence once again.

I can't thank Dr Marie Sanfey and the staff in the clinic enough. My teeth look fantastic!

Wayne Doyle, MeathInstant Veneers

Wayne came to the clinic with one a few weeks to go to his wedding. He was hoping that his smile could be fully transformed in quite a short space of time. After meeting Dr Marie Sanfey, Wayne opted for our instant or composite veneers to help him achieve a natural, radiant smile.

I never thought my teeth could look this nice! All of my friends and family have commented on how beautiful they look.

Orna Tiernan, Dublin6 Month Braces

Orna wanted to straighten her teeth as discreetly as possible so she underwent a combination of Invisalign treatment and cosmetic bondings with Dr Marie Sanfey. The results really speak for themselves!

I cannot believe the difference. You achieved exactly what I wanted and I cannot recommend you enough. The complete process was a lovely experience. I can't stop smiling!

Roisin Merrigan, WicklowInstant Veneers

Roisin came to see Dr. Marie Sanfey to discuss some staining on her teeth. At Dr. Sanfey's recommendation, Roisin opted for Instant Veneers and as you can see, hasn't stopped smiling since!

I really like how natural they look and Dr Sanfey was brilliant!

Senan O Sullivan, DublinInstant Veneers

Senan came to the clinic and met with Dr Marie Sanfey as he wanted to discuss changing his old veneers. After just two appointments, his new porcelain veneers were fitted and his smile was completely transformed!

I'm so happy with my treatment. I have so much confidence now and I can't stop smiling.

Anastacia Ozhog, DublinInstant Veneers

Anastasia came to see Dr Marie Sanfey on her husbands recommendation. He had some dental treatment carried out at the clinic recently and thought very highly of the clinic. After deciding on composite veneers to transform her smile, Anastasia couldn't be happier with the overall result.

I'd highly recommend the treatment and the clinic, the atmosphere is fantastic, and I'd highly recommend Dr Sanfey.

Sharon Byrnes, WexfordInstant Veneers

Sharon came to the clinic as she disliked her gummy smile and wanted to change the shape of some of her teeth. Her instant veneers were completed in one appointment by Dr Marie Sanfey and she's delighted with the overall result.

I'm delighted with the results and so happy this could all be done before my wedding.

Dean Kavanagh, DublinInstant Veneers

Dean came to the clinic to discuss fixing his teeth in time for his wedding. After meeting Dr Marie Sanfey they decided that composite (instant) veneers would be the best option to transform his smile. In just two short visits, his smile was unrecognizable! He was finally able to smile with confidence on his big day.

Thank you so much again for transforming my smile – it’s lovely to be able to smile with confidence. You did an amazing job and I’m so pleased with the results.

Sandie Moran, CastleknockInstant Veneers

Sandie came to Dr Marie Sanfey to close up the small gaps in between her teeth before her wedding day. With the help of Instant Veneers she was able t transform her smile in one quick and simple visit!

I can't believe the results. I'm forever getting in selfies with my daughter now!

Martella O'Connor, CastleknockInstant Veneers

Martella came to Dr. Marie Sanfey to help brighten her smile as well as fill in some gaps in her teeth. Now thanks to Instant Veneers, Martella can't stopped smiling!

Thank you so much for everything! It's literally changed my life.

Matthew Mc Guinness, ClonsillaInstant Veneers

Matthew was always conscious of the gaps in his smile and avoided smiling in photos. After meeting Dr Marie Sanfey, she recommended a combination of teeth whitening, bridge work and some instant veneers to completely transform Matthew's smile. He now says that his life has completely changed since having the treatment carried out.

I'm simply delighted with the results! I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Sanfey and the whole team at Seapoint Clinic. I just can't stop smiling.

Emma Hill, DeansgrangeInstant Veneers

Emma had always wanted to improve her smile. Following a consultation with Dr. Sanfey, she decided to opt for instant veneers to dramatically improve her smile and is delighted with the results!

I'm absolutely adore my new smile. Dr Sanfey was so helpful the whole way through my treatment. I can't believe it was all done so quickly.

Olivia Hayes, DrumcondraInstant Veneers

Olivia had braces when she was younger to straighten her teeth but she was never fully happy with the outcome. She disliked the shape and colour of her teeth and wanted to find a way to correct these issues without causing any damage to her own teeth. After meeting Dr Marie Sanfey and being recommended instant veneers, Olivia has never been happier.

I couldn't believe how quickly treatment went!

Aine Jackson, BawnogesInstant Veneers

Aine came to Seapoint Clinic looking to improve her smile. In just under six months, Dr. Marie Sanfey was able to completely transform Aine's lower teeth withthe help of invisible braces and her upper teeth were corrected with the use of composite "instant" veneers.

I am so happy with my teeth and finally feel free to smile which I have always struggled with. I felt so comfortable from the day I first walked into the clinic and can't thank Seapoint enough.

Shane Morris, Gorey, Co. Wexford6 Month Braces

Shane came to the clinic to as he had always been conscious of how crooked his teeth were but didn’t want the hassle of wearing conventional train tracks. With the help of our 6 month invisible braces, Shane was finally able to achieve his dream smile and has never been happier.

Thank you so much Dr. Sanfey for all your hard work, I am absolutely delighted with the results and I have highly recommend you and Seapoint Clinic to friends, family and work colleagues. Your work is so skilled and your attention to detail spot on. Thanks again Marie for giving me the confidence to smile naturally now in pictures.

Caroline Hamblyn, Gorey, Co. WexfordInstant Veneers

Caroline came to Seapoint Clinic as she was tired of constantly hiding her smile in photos. Following an initial consultation with Dr. Sanfey, Caroline decided to opt for a home whitening kit and instant veneers. In as little as one appointment, Caroline has been able to regain her confidence and her smile.

I'm thrilled with the results, I can't stop taking selfies!

Niamh Murphy, Drumcondra, DublinInstant Veneers

Niamh came to Seapoint Clinic looking to make improvements to her overall smile. After talking with Dr. Sanfey, Niamh soon settled on Instant Veneers and following one quick appointment she hasn't been able to stop smiling since!

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