Loose Dentures – Solutions

Loose dentures can be a nightmare. Luckily there are some ways you can overcome a loose denture. Its not something you have to live with for ever.

Why do dentures become loose?

Dentures do not usually change shape themselves much over time. There can be some wear to the biting surface from chewing but usually nothing more. The problem with dentures is the gum underneath them and the supporting bone are lost over time. AS the gum and bone shrink the denture has less stable gum to sit on and gaps can appear. These areas allow more movement and can allow food to get trapped under the denture causing soreness.

Can I just use denture adhesive?

Denture adhesives can be a useful short term solution but nobody should be swallowing denture glues every day. Adhesives in excess can cause health and mental illness problems. If you are needing to use adhesive in a denture it is a sign it is time for a replacement or a reline.

What is a reline?

If a denture looks good in every way but the gum has shrunk in a small area it is sometimes possible to fill in the gaps. This is called a reline and can be done in the dental surgery/dental technicians or sent to a laboratory. A reline does not work for a very worn denture or a denture with large gaps between it and the gum.

How about a new denture?

Sometimes a new denture may be a good solution but it depends on a few things such as your age and the amount of gum you have left. If you have a good few years of life left you may be better off considering implant supported dentures or bridges. A new denture that is made will never be the same as the original one as there is now less gum and bone to support it. Even if it is well made it will never be as secure.

Why is the new denture not as good as my old one?

If you had teeth out many years ago you will have suffered a lot of bone loss. When the teeth came out originally there was a very good foundation for the dentures to be made on. The gum was firm and the bone underneath was plentiful. Now years later the gum is soft and spongy. The bone has practically all disappeared. This means the foundations are very poor without implants. A well made new denture now will never be as good as the original.

Is there anything better than dentures?

Dental implants have revolutionised dentistry for people missing teeth. Some options such as mini implants are extremely gentle and can be placed with no stitches or surgery required. Implants can be used to provide an anchor for a new denture which means it will be more stable and comfortable. Dental implants under a denture can literally change your life.

What about fixed teeth?

Implants can be used to secure a loose denture (a click-tite denture) or to give you back a jaw of fixed in teeth. Fixed teeth can be made in many cases which do not move at all and do not cover your palate like regular dentures do. This means there is no wretching or gagging and you can taste food better.

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