Dental Implant Costs Explained

There can be considerable variation in the costs of dental implants advertised and it's natural to wonder why...

There are a few things that can cause significant cost differences which include:

  • Cosmetic Appearance- This is probably the most significant factor in the cost as if you are looking for the very best appearance then the tooth needs to look perfect as well as the gum and bone. If the gum and bone has been damaged (from tooth loss it is common) then getting the ideal appearance can be very challenging. It may mean growing gum and bone back, using a very high end laboratory with the most skilled technicians etc. 
  • Location in the mouth- Teeth towards the front often have less bone support than teeth on the bottom. Typically the jaw bone on the front of the top teeth is paper thin. When a tooth is lost this bone disappears immediately and it can be difficult and expensive to replace.
  • Types of Implants- Some implants are considerably more expensive than others. Just as you can buy a basic car there are others with different features that may be worth spending more money on.
  • Technical Difficulty- Very difficult cases will naturally cost more than the simplest. Your dentist will give you a plan with your costs based on your individual situation.
  • Skill of the Surgeon- Naturally more skilled surgeons have a higher fee associated with them than those who are just building up their cases.
  • Laboratory Used- Some laboratories are more specialised than others and can provide more natural looking teeth for example.

Dental implants are usually the best investment that you can make in your mouth if you have lost teeth. We only ever use the highest quality implants and materials. We do not attempt to offer cheap dental implants only those we would be happy to have in our own mouths.

We understand that many people may need to talk to their other half about decisions like dental implants. You can rest assured that you will be under no pressure to make a decision when you come for a consultation. You can take the time you feel you need to decide. You are very welcome to bring someone with you to the consultation and it can be a helpful way to make sure all your questions are answered.

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Nowadays when I walk into a room, I walk in smiling. I'm not afraid to smile anymore. Dental implants have helped restore my confidence!

Caroline Duffy, Tipperary Town

Dental Implants

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