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We’re here to worry about your dental problems so you can get on with your life. A healthy, confident smile should be something everyone can enjoy, and we’re dedicated to finding the treatment to get you there. We take care of your needs like we’d take care of our family, no unnecessary procedures and no cut corners.

Why should you choose an Implant specialist?

Seapoint Clinic has a number of highly-skilled implant dentists who have undergone extensive training all over the world. We are very selective about who we allow to work in the clinic as we are a clinic run by implant dentists. We believe that it is crucial for each dentist to have the right attitude and skills. We only want dentists who are empathetic to our patients and who want the very best for them.

Our selection process for our dentists therefore includes the academic aspects but is also about the person being right for you. We ensure that we only have implant dentists working here that we would allow to work on our own family.

Some of the best implant training in the world is available at the Misch Implant Institute in Detroit. It is provided by the writer of the largest selling dental implant book in history – Dr Carl Misch, himself a Professor at Harvard University. Many of our implant dentists have demonstrated their commitment to the field by undergoing training in this prestigious facility. The training itself takes place over 2 years and involves approximately 10 trips to the USA. There is a serious financial and time investment made by our dentists to ensure they are the best in their fields.

Our Clinic

Seapoint clinic was established in 2007 to cater for the growing need for implant dentistry in Ireland. It was created to provide a professional team for dental implants all under one roof.

Up until that point most implants were placed and restored in different dental practices. This meant uncertainty about the fees charged and difficulties moving between practices. If there was a problem, people didn’t know where to turn to. Should they go to the place the implant was placed or where the crown was fitted.

The technology for dental implants was also changing and Seapoint Clinic wanted to lead from the front. We were the first clinic in Ireland to operate its own CT scanner outside of a hospital. For patients, this meant fewer complications and more accurate pricing.

Another unique idea was to have a full laboratory on site. This meant for patients greater convenience. Instead of taking teeth out and being left a few days without them we offered immediate teeth replacement.

Seapoint also pioneered procedures such as ‘Teeth in a Day’ where implants could be placed and fixed teeth made in one visit. This is suitable for some patients who need teeth for a particular event or who cannot tolerate wearing a denture even for a few months.

Click-tite dentures have also revolutionised the lives of many people in Ireland. Instead of a loose denture causing problems eating and enjoying food, implants could secure a denture giving comfort again.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery and many have tried to copy aspects of the Seapoint success. We have been happy to share our knowledge with other dentists from the start and have trained dentists in techniques including arranging seminars for international companies in the clinic. What cannot be copied however is the unique blend of experience, technology, quality and customer service that we offer day in day out.

Our team are constantly retraining themselves on the latest techniques. We are happy to share our knowledge with others as we are constantly improving what we do and how we do it.

At Seapoint you can be confident in the hand-picked team looking after you. Everything we do is done to give you a good experience and dentistry that lasts.

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