Dentures are either partial or full. That means they replace some of the teeth or all of the teeth in a jaw.

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Root Canals

Root canal treatment is necessary when the inside of the tooth (pulp) and surrounding area becomes infected.

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Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth may come in misaligned or impacted they can cause severe problems and extraction may be required.

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Hygienist and Periodontal

Dental hygienists work closely with the dentist to give advice and care in the area of oral health.

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White Fillings

White fillings can transform your teeth by getting rid of black fillings and letting your natural tooth shine.

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What our patients say

"Initially I was worried it would look a little bit fake, or that it would be painful, but the whole process has been so simple and there was no pain involved."

Eimear Mc Caffrey, Dublin

Dental Implants

"I was very happy with my dentist, David, he was a gentleman the whole way through."

Tony Flannery, Dublin

Dental Implants

"I just can’t stop looking at them in the mirror!"

Shannon Hanley, Wicklow

6 Month Braces

"I absolutely love the place. I can’t stop smiling. I’d seriously recommend it to everyone."

Paul Clarges, Dublin

Dental Implants

“The results are fantastic. It’s a lifetime investment in yourself”

Martina Mc Donald, Dublin


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