Caring For Your Child's Teeth

It’s amazing how many adults have developed a fear of the dentist in Ireland. What’s interesting is it can usually be traced back to a bad experience when they were children and that can stick with you for decades. Seapoint Clinic wants to make sure no more kids grow up being afraid of visiting the dentist and that’s why we have dentists who are kind and welcoming.

Our friendly  dentist do everything possible to ensure your child receives the best care and helps them feel at ease. By doing so we can ensure their visit is both a stress free and educational one, even if it's their first time in the dentists chair. It's important to bring your child to their first check-up as soon as their first set of teeth are come through.  Milk teeth will fall out naturally, but it’s important to keep an eye on the way adult teeth come through. We can help teach you and your child how to take care of their teeth.

What is a Kid Friendly Dentist?

This is someone who has demonstrated a particular passion for taking care of children. They have been trained in special behaviour management techniques and how to give the best experience to children.

Why see a Kid Friendly Dentist?

They can also identify problems of skeletal or tooth growth which can be easier corrected during childhood. When booking your appointment ask to see a kid friendly dentist.

How young should my kids be coming to first visit?

Children should start to visit a paediatric dentist as soon as the first teeth have appeared in the mouth. Typically that means around 1 year of age. At that age habits can be reviewed and risk factors for dental problems controlled.

How can dental problems be prevented?

  • By forming great habits and a concern for and appreciation of the importance of their teeth.
  • By carrying out important preventive measures such as fissure sealants on pits/fissures in teeth to prevent decay formation.
  • Analysing diet to reduce tooth decay.
  • Reviewing brushing and oral hygiene techniques to make sure they are established properly for life.