Dental Service Prices

Many of our most popular treatments are tax deductible including dental implants, braces and periodontal treatment. We will also help take care of all of your paperwork required if claiming on insurance.

General Dental Treatments
Consultation- Includes detailed examination, review of your needs, medical history review, periodontal screening,
caries detection, tooth wear monitoring + treatment planning.
OPG/CT Scan/X-ray
(if you request a copy of your CT scan there will be an additional charge of €150)
Hygiene Appointments (Periodontist & Dental Hygienist Team)
Scale & Polish (Hygienist)- Includes gentle professional cleaning, tooth decontamination and advice.€80
Hygienist treatment (with local anaesthetic)€100
Fluoride Treatment- To reduce risk of tooth decay + Sensitivity€30
Treatment of Gum Disease/Periodontal Disease From €130
Fissure Sealant- To protect grooves + pits in teeth from tooth decay€50
Desensitiser Application- (To reduce sensitivity of dentine from cold)€50
Dental Implants
Dental Implant Consultation & Treatment Planning  €140
Dental Implant – Fully Restored (per implant, including implant, abutment + crown)From €2250
Mini Implant/implant (Used for denture stabilisation. VHI often covers cost)€500
Click-Tite Implants incl. Denture  (Typically 4 implants with locator attachment to denture). Denture usually 
palate free 

Click Tite Mini implant Denture- Includes placement of mini implants (Uses modified existing denture) €2000
All-On-4 - Teeth in a Day- Fixed in Teeth (Includes implant placement and acrylic implant bridge)From €9,997
Full Dentures From €800 per arch
Denture Tooth Addition (Carried out same day)€250
Six Month Braces/Invisalign®/Clear Braces Consultation€50
€140 (with senior specialist)
Six Month Braces/Invisalign®/Orthodontics

Our no hidden-extras promise, to you!
At Seapoint, all ortho treatment includes design, fitting, breakages and removal charges. Everyone gets free tooth-whitening at the end of treatment too! All packages include 2 sets of retainers when you're finished, within 12 months (as accidents sometimes happen!)
From €1995 per jaw
Fillings (Tooth Coloured Resin - We do not carry out mercury fillings at Seapoint)
Larger fillings will cost more but we usually recommend computer milled inlays instead as they last longer. 
From €165
Tooth Extraction - Includes aftercare From €120
Upper Wisdom - Includes aftercareFrom €150
Lower Wisdom (We can assist with claiming on dental or health insurance. Also Tax allowable)From €250
Root Canal Treatment- This treatment is gently and carefully carried out under rubber dam to increase success
rate. We ensure root filling material is below gum level to reduce tooth discolouration.
Final cost depends on anatomical complexity, number of roots etc.
From €695
Crowns, Bridges & Veneers
Crowns- 3D Milled Tooth Replacement
From €895
Instant Veneers (Composite Veneers) Beautifully handcrafted instantly by our highly skilled cosmetic dentists.
Treatment performed with rubber dam isolation to improve results.
€450 per tooth
Da Vinci Cosmetic Veneers/Crowns- These handcrafted veneers and crowns are the most beautiful that can be created.
They are built up in layers by skilled technicians to allow natural and stunning results
Seapoint Deep Tooth Whitening
In-Clinic Whitening - 60-90 minutes treatment that can be carried out on your lunch-break. Go up to 10 shades
whiter in just 1 visit.
In-Clinic Whitening & Home Whitening Trays with Bleach- (Best and longest lasting results) €355
Prescription €50
                                                             VIP Client Package
One Day Dentistry- (Suitable for fly in Celebrity Clients)
Engage our team exclusively for you. Email our practice manager
Transformation Packages, Whole Smile Rehabilitation inc Hotel, Spa, airport chauffeur
From €25,000

Payment Plans

We offer a number of payment options for your convenience at Seapoint Clinic.

Pay As You Go- For smaller treatments may can pay as you go as the work is completed.

Finance- For those who want to spread the cost over a longer period of time it is possible to finance treatment over a period of up to 3 years. We use a finance partner and approval is usually available within 15 minutes.

This is available for amounts from €500-€15,000.

Example- €3,000 treatment would cost just €3/day over a 3 year period. (Terms may vary depending on exact rates at time).

Take your first confident steps to a full smile today

At Seapoint Clinic we make sure that our patients have all the available information on hand to help them make the choice to regain that beautiful smile.

If you would like further information or to book an appointment, please contact us. Our team look forward to hearing from you.

PRSI Dental Entitlements at The Seapoint Clinic

What has changed?

The reintroduction of some dental entitlements for both employed and, now, self-employed people too, is a welcome governmental reversal of cuts made during the economic downturn. This benefit now includes over 450,000 self-employed people across the country.

Am I eligible?

We have an online system to check your eligibility. All we need are some basic details including your PPS number and we can let you know if you’re entitled right away.

What are my entitlements?

Here at Seapoint, our full consultation is part dental check-up and part comprehensive analysis of your teeth. If eligible, your PRSI entitlement means you pay €45 instead of the usual €75. This is covered once per year.

Why Seapoint don’t do quick scale and polishes?

We strongly believe that a quick five or ten-minute scale and polish is entirely inadequate to maintain the health of your teeth and gums over your life. Our professional dental hygiene team spend a full 30 minutes on complete periodontal care of your whole mouth including worry spots. Your PRSI cover can bring the cost of this down to €40 per session. Again, you can avail of this benefit once per year.

What this means for you.

Reducing costs of maintaining your healthy mouth is an initiative that we are proud to bring back to you. Small amounts spent on prevention is worth thousands spent on cures.