Missing Several Teeth:

If you are missing teeth, even several teeth, there are a number of options open to you including dentures, bridge or implants.

We generally recommend dental implants as they are the best solution in general to missing teeth. They cause no damage to your own teeth and are likely to last the longest of all the restoration types.

Dental Implants- multiple teeth.

If you are missing several teeth and they are all separate spaces, then you will normally have an individual implant placed in the area (i.e. you will have one implant per missing tooth).

If you have a number of teeth missing which are side by side, it is sometimes possible to place fewer implants and do a bridge across the gap only on implants. This is not the same as a regular bridge as it involves no cutting down of teeth.

Generally, the more implants that are placed the more secure the bridge will be. For example, if you have a heavy bite and want the longest lasting restoration possible and are missing 3 teeth we may recommend 3 implants joined together as the best solution.

If you had a similar space but had a very light bite, then it would be reasonable to place 2 implants and have 3 teeth on them. Where the full arch of teeth is missing it is common to place 6 implants and have all the top or bottom teeth on them. As with any dental treatment we would recommend consultation with your dentist to determine your individual requirements.

Multiple Dental Implants

Replacement of several missing teeth with implants provides a predictable, natural and cost effective method of replacing the missing teeth without requiring the preparation and crowning of adjacent teeth.

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