Sedation Techniques / Nervous Patients


Dental phobia is very common and nothing to be embarrassed about. We meet patients every day who have struggled to go to the dentist for years and we are happy to help anyone in this difficult situation. We understand why people are nervous of the dentist and we make every effort to ensure your days of bad dental experiences are over.

We offer various kinds of procedures for nervous patients.


For those who need a little help prior to getting dental treatment other than a sympathetic dentist we offer different types of sedation depending on the clinical necessity. Often a precription for some relaxants such as Valium taken beforehand can take the edge off the treatment and are enough for many nervous patients to go ahead. Sleeping well the night before takes the edge off the appointment and can dramatically reduce stress. For most anxious patients taking some more valium before coming in is sufficient to ensure a comfortable appointment.

I.V. Sedation:

For those who are undergoing more lengthy procedures or who are very nervous we offer IV sedation. This involves the use of IV sedative (Midazolam) and provides more profound reduction in anxiety. It also eliminates most if not all memory of the procedure. This is a very effective method of sedation for anxious patients and we are happy to be able to offer this procedure.

IV sedation is very safe in healthy patients however it does legally require an escort to accompany you until you have recovered several hours later. You do not need to fast with IV sedation and anyone in good health is a suitable candidate provided they are not phobic of needles in the hand/arm and have visible veins. IV sedation is chargable seperately which must be paid in advance and is non refundable if the procedure cannot go ahead due to lack of an escort. You must also sign the treatment plan in advance of treatment under IV sedation as you will not be able to legally consent for treatment once the IV drugs have been given.

For those who are very nervous IV sedation can allow most patients to undergo dental treatments uneventfully.

For a patient who cannot undergo dental treatment at all even under IV sedation a referral to the dental hospital for treatment under general anaesthetic is necessary. It is best if this can be avoided as typically no conservative treatments such as fillings or implants are carried out under general anaesthetic and this means many teeth get taken out unnecessarily.

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