Teeth in a Day

Major advances in dental technology implants means we can provide fully fixed teeth in just a single visit for almost anyone.
Even if you have been previously told you do not have enough bone to support dental implants, we offer the ultimate in modern technology.

  • Have you struggled for years with a loose or uncomfortable denture?
  • Are you worried and are hanging onto wobbly, loose teeth because you want to avoid having to wear dentures?

Now we have the answer. With Teeth in a Day you can arrive at the clinic, with your denture or missing teeth, and leave that evening with a confident new smile, a full set of your very own fixed teeth!

How Teeth in a Day works

You arrive at The Seapoint Clinic, first thing in the morning on the day. Any problem teeth are removed and specialised dental implants are gently placed. Our in-house dental laboratory will then make your new teeth while you relax. Later in the afternoon, your new teeth are fitted securely in place. You can enjoy dinner that same evening with new, fixed, solid teeth.

Teeth in a day
Teeth in a day

Is Teeth in a Day for Me?

The best way to find the answer to that question is to have a free consultation with one of our Treatment Co-ordinators. By taking an x-ray, speaking to you and asking questions, we can find out. There are always options and choices for you. Modern dentistry can achieve almost anything for people, the solution is to get informed.

“The difference of not wearing dentures makes this worth every penny. In my work and in my own personal life, I simply have to feel comfortable and confident. I meet customers on a day-to-day basis so having the confidence to smile and look natural and comfortable is so important for me. The implants took less than two hours to fit and it felt like I was having a filling. I was able to eat that afternoon and even went out to the cinema with my wife that night! My smile looks and feels natural and I haven’t looked back. Stop thinking about it- Do it!!” – J O’Hara, 58, Kildare

Fully Fixed Teeth. Little Downtime. Instant Results.

Are you unhappy, self-conscious or even embarrassed about your smile?


Teeth in a dayMany adults spend their entire lives covering their mouths when they laugh, smile or talk, going about their everyday lives. They feel stuck because they do not want to wear dentures or they are concerned that other procedures could be too invasive or too expensive. Now, there is an effective, safe and modern solution that fits your lifestyle and your busy schedule, allowing you to enjoy your personal time and lead an active, healthy life!

A revolutionary combination of proven dental techniques, strong modern materials, and innovative thinking – Teeth in a Day allows our team to gently place the dental implants, and create your beautiful new smile and fully fixed teeth.
Make the move towards improving your smile, your confidence and the rest of your life…


Take your first confident steps to a full smile today

At Seapoint Clinic we make sure that our Teeth In A Day patients have all the available information on hand to help making the choice to regain that beautiful smile an easy one. If you would like further information or to book an appointment, please contact us. Our Teeth In A Day team look forward to hearing from you.

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