28 November 2022

4 Reasons Why Straight Teeth are Healthier Teeth

4 Reasons Why Straight Teeth are Healthier Teeth

People get their teeth straightened to improve their appearance but there are lots of other reasons why straight teeth are of huge benefit to everyone at any age.

It is practically impossible for a regular human being to keep crowded teeth perfectly clean all the time… Maybe a dental hygienist could manage it, but, on a day-to-day basis is impossible!

So, here are 4 reasons why straight teeth are healthier teeth:

  1. Crowded & crooked teeth provide the perfect environment for bacteria and other bugs to hide out… In the dark, difficult-to-clean conditions they thrive…That’s good for them but not so good for your teeth, gums, and your health.  Straight teeth, on the other hand, are easy to clean and are low maintenance as well!
  2. With straight teeth you can actually brush properly & clean in between the teeth properly. Plaque and tartar don’t attach as easily as on crooked teeth and if it does, removing them is far easier…That means fewer cavities, less gum disease, and hopefully better general health
  3. Straight teeth reduce the risks of tooth decay and this ultimately helps to eliminate the chances of health complications associated with oral health
  4. Straight teeth reduce your risk of dental trauma or injury.

It’s frightening to hear that many systemic health problems such as strokes & heart disease are being linked to oral bacteria. That is what all the evidence is telling us so we should do what we can to make teeth easier to clean. 

If you would like to straighten your teeth to help improve your health ask to speak to one of the orthodontic team today!

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