18 May 2018

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

A new UK study has found that the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment continues to rise. The British Orthodontic Society revealed that demand for clear aligners, such as Invisalign, has dramatically increased with people aged over 25, although traditional fixed braces remain popular. The study found that the majority of adults are often influenced by celebrities or bloggers, as well as word of mouth. So, just what options are available if you're considering orthodontic treatment...

I couldn't be happier with the results and the overall professionalism of Dr Myers and the clinic.

James McCormick, Wicklow

Six Month Braces

Six Month Braces

Six Month Braces are the perfect choice if you want to get your teeth straightened in the shortest possible time. Unlike regular braces, Six Month Braces focuses solely on your front teeth, giving you a great natural looking smile. As these changes are for cosmetic purposes only, we don't change or alter your bite, so if your goal is to shift your back teeth into place you may still need conventional braces.

We are able to gently shift your teeth back into place using both clear or metal finish braces. Clear braces are by far our more popular option, as they are very discreet and far more inconspicuous than metal braces. We find that many patients who come to us for Six Month Braces have been previously told that their only option was to wear conventional braces for a minimum two years or get veneers. More often than not this isn't the case and we can get you smiling in a reasonable period of time.


Invisalign is fast becoming our most popular form of orthodontic treatment, as it's the ideal solution for people who want to keep their treatment as discreet as possible. Invisalign uses a series of custom-moulded clear aligners which are easily removable, meaning you can eat, drink and even brush your teeth as normal throughout treatment. On average, treatment takes roughly a year to complete but can go quicker where fewer movements are necessary. It's also the ideal treatment for people who may have previously worn braces but have since gone on to experience some orthodontic relapse. 

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