17 July 2019

Braces at the Seapoint Clinic

There are a number of ways to get perfectly straight teeth, but many people aren't sure which treatment suits them best and why. Long gone are the days of having bulky, uncomfortable braces. Instead, they have been replaced with sleeker designs, smaller more comfortable wires, clear aligners and in some cases treatment can be completed in as just as six months. So, which should you opt for?

Six Month Braces

Six Month Braces does exactly what it says on the tin, healthy straight teeth in just six months. Here at Seapoint Clinic we have the most experienced team under one roof when it comes to this revolutionary treatment. The goal of Six Month Braces is to only straighten your front teeth, so you get a healthy smile in the shortest possible time. As this treatment is solely for cosmetic purposes, we don't alter your bite or back teeth. If you require your bite changed or back teeth realigned, you may still need to opt for conventional braces which can take longer.

Six Month Braces are available in traditional metal and see-through finish braces. The white braces match your natural tooth colour, making them more discreet and almost unnoticeable unless viewed up close. 

I'm so happy with the overall results. Dr Myers attention to detail was amazing and she always made me feel so comfortable.

Keith Smith, Stepaside

Six Month Braces


Invisalign is among our most popular forms of treatment at Seapoint Clinic thanks to their remarkably discreet appearance and design. We often find some patients can be put off having orthodontic treatment due to the appearance of metal braces and wiring. However, with Invisalign you wear custom made clear aligners which can be removed to eat and drink or even brush your teeth as normal throughout the entirety of your treatment. The average length of treatment can take about a year to complete but may go quicker in some cases where fewer movements are required. 

This treatment is also popular among people who may have worn braces when they were younger but have since gone on to suffer some form of orthodontic prolapse where their teeth have shifted out of position.

It's now easier than ever before to achieve a beautiful, straight smile in just six short months with the help of Six Month Braces or Invisalign.

Dr. Sarah Flannery, Seapoint Clinic

Six Month Braces & Invisalign

Fixed Braces

Often referred to as 'train tracks', fixed braces are still popular among patients of all ages as they can finely reposition teeth in a relatively short treatment time. Modern designs and techniques also mean that braces are much smaller and more sophisticated as opposed to years gone by.

The Next Step...

If you're still uncertain which treatment is best suited for you, why not contact a member of our reception team to arrange your consultation where you will be given a full treatment plan on the day!

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