3 July 2019

Can You Get Braces With Teeth Missing?

Braces With Missing Teeth?

We meet a lot of patients who are looking to straighten their teeth but may be missing one or a few teeth. Does this stop them getting braces treatment? Generally the answer is no!

Whether you’re an adult whose missing teeth from birth or you’ve lost a tooth as a teen in an accident or sporting event or for another reason, the good news is , you still may be able to get braces as an adult.

In fact, there are many situations where braces treatment is recommended for patients with missing teeth.

How Does It Work?

Children who suffer from malocclusion's which affect their jaw growth or the eruption of their adult teeth often undergo orthodontic treatment at a young age.

During this time, braces and spacers are used to correctly space remaining teeth to allow room for adult tooth eruption. Sometimes, that treatment is necessary in order to make room for adult teeth to come in at all. Severe malocclusion's can prevent adult teeth from erupting, so braces are necessary for proper development.

For adults, getting braces with missing teeth can be equally important. A missing adult tooth can cause the remaining teeth to shift, change your bite, cause bone loss, and cause unnecessary strain and wear on your remaining teeth and jaw joint.

The best option is always to replace a missing tooth, preferably with a dental implant, but if your teeth have already shifted or came in with spacing problems due to a missing tooth, you might need orthodontic treatment to create space for the replacement. Even if you don’t intend to replace your missing tooth with an implant, though, orthodontic treatment can help correct spacing problems with remaining teeth. You might consider getting a dental bridge or a partial denture as a temporary solution.

Solutions To Missing Teeth

If you’re considering treatment for a missing tooth, here are the options your dentist will probably discuss with you:

Dental implants, or tooth implants, are usually the best way to replace your missing teeth. You can rest assured as they have now been trusted for a generation to provide a safe and comfortable solution for the problem of failing teeth. Thousands of people, just like you, have benefited from the comfort that dental implants can bring.

If you need a single tooth or multiple teeth replaced, or want more secure dentures, there is simply no better way. You benefit when you come to Seapoint Clinic because our dentists focus on dental implants and have placed.

If cost is a major concern there are other options you might look at.

The next best option is a dental bridge. This is where a crown is placed on the teeth on either side of the gap, and they’re attached to a false tooth that fills the space. While a dental bridge isn’t always ideal, it's a quicker procedure that gets the job done. Dental bridges generally need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years.

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