21 May 2019

Click-tite Dentures at Seapoint Clinic

Click-tite dentures are the best way to replace failing or missing teeth as well as enabling you to say goodbye to your old, uncomfortable conventional braces. Using a series of dental implants, on average 4 are placed, your new Click-tite dentures are securely attached to your jaw meaning they won't come loose or fall out when eating, laughing or chatting. Although they are securely placed, they can also be easily removed to clean them. Another added benefit of Click-tite implants is they can also preserve the jaw bone, drastically removing the risk of facial collapse.

The VHI will also make a contribution to the overall cost of your lower jaw if you have no remaining teeth and are currently struggling with a denture. They are also tax deductible, which are reception team are more than happy to help you with.

"I have some teeth remaining, can I get Click-tite?"

Even if you have some teeth that need extracted, you can still opt for Click-tite. We can extract your teeth at the same time we place your implants, making the entire process much quicker and easier. If you decide at a later date that you would prefer fixed teeth, we can upgrade your implants without trouble. However, this is not possible to do so with mini-implants as they are too small to support the additional forces of having fixed teeth placed.

It was so much more comfortable then when I just had dentures.

Anne, Dublin

Click-tite Dentures

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