25 July 2018

Dental Care for Over 65’s

More often than not, older patients assume that as they age they will lose their teeth, however, this won't be the case if you maintain a good oral hygiene routine as well as regular check-ups with your dentist.

When it comes to preventing potential dental issues as you get older, the important thing is to keep up good oral health habits. This is as simple as brushing and flossing twice daily as well as cutting out sugary snacks and drinks. It's also vital that you either cut down or if at all possible quick smoking entirely. By attending regular appointments with your dentist, they will be able to monitor any potential issues such as cavities and gum recession. If you find yourself struggling to clean your teeth properly due to poor eyesight, a simple magnifying mirror and bright light may be of use.

A common issue with older people is sensitivity due to gum recession. Gum recession may be a sign of advancing gum disease, but can be halted with proper tooth and gum care. It's important that if you notice your gums have started to recede, that you contact your dentist immediately, as leaving it may eventually lead to a higher risk of decay. A straightforward flossing routine can help get rid of the plaque that can cause gum recession. Remember, a healthy mouth means a healthy body. 

I was very happy with my dentist, David, he was a gentleman the whole way through.

Tony, Dublin

Dental Implants

As we age, the gum ridges in our mouth can shrink. This is a common problem for people who wear once seemingly comfortable dentures, but now have become ill-fitting and uncomfortable in the mouth. It can also mean that eating, talking or even laughing can become difficult. No one should have to struggle to eat food, which is why dental implants are becoming more and more popular with people of all ages. A dental implant acts just like a natural tooth, meaning it's secure, sturdy and above all comfortable, allowing you to live your life carefree. 

Tired of struggling with dentures, why not opt for Click-tite dentures or Teeth in a Day. Whether you're missing one tooth, several or an entire mouthful, we have the solution for you.

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