25 October 2018

Dental Implants in a Day

Are you fed up with your ill-fitting denture? Sick of not being able to eat the foods you love? Or do you simply want to smile in comfort once again. Thanks to Teeth in a Day at Seapoint Clinic, it's never been easier to regain your smile...in fact, it can be as little as one day! This means you can arrive with your old denture or missing teeth and leave the very same day with a new, healthy, confident smile. So just how does it work?

You start by arriving at Seapoint Clinic first thing that morning. Here, we can remove any problem teeth and gently place specialised den

You arrive at Seapoint Clinic first thing in the morning on the day. Any problem teeth are removed and specialised dental implants are gently placed. Our in-house dental laboratory will then make your new teeth while you relax. Later in the afternoon, your new teeth are fitted securely in place. You can enjoy dinner that same evening with new, fixed, solid teeth.

All the team here are just incredible, they make you feel at ease. I am just so delighted with the end result as you can see. I`ve a beautiful set of teeth and I just can`t stop smiling. I can only highly recommend Seapoint Clinic and everyone here.

Jacinta Ormond, Dublin

Teeth in a Day

From start to finish, our award-winning friendly team make sure you are as relaxed and worry-free as possible. We also use a highly effective sedative, meaning you don't feel a thing throughout treatment and more often than not, patients tend to drift off to sleep this way. 

On the day of your initial consultation, you will be given a clear, concise and fully costed treatment plan - detailing exactly what your treatment will entail. Teeth in a Day is also tax deductible and in some cases may be partially covered by your health insurance provider. If you'd like to know any more about our Teeth in a Day treatment, feel free to call us on 01 284 2570, email at info@seapointclinic.ie or use the icon on the lower right of your screen to instantly talk to a member of our team.

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