18 January 2017

Difference between regular braces & 6 month braces

Dr. Elaine Hogan explains...

When we discuss regular braces we are talking about the typical treatment times of old. That was anywhere between 18 to 24 months of wearing the metal train tracks. However, with Six Month Braces,   this time is drastically reduced, allowing us to carry out major tooth movements in just six months.

How is this done?

One of the main problems with traditional braces is the friction between teeth. When teeth are moved they rub off each other and this means a lot of the wire force is wasted. With six month braces we polish in between the teeth (where crowding occurs) to reduce the forces needed. That means teeth move faster and fewer extractions are required.

We also use higher tech wires which harness a lower force to gently position the teeth, making treatment far more comfortable.

Another key difference is that with six month braces we aren’t trying to move your back teeth in any major way or change your bite. If you want to get perfect back teeth and bite positions you may need longer treatment times.

Dr. Elaine Hogan

B.Dent.Sc, Dentistry (Dundee)

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