3 January 2018

Full Mouth Dental Implants Explained

Full mouth dental implants can be made into any shade you desire. Quite often, people come to us tired of their old, ill-fitting dentures - which can make talking, laughing and even eating near impossible. However, here at the Seapoint Clinic, we have the ideal solution for you, with thanks to full mouth dental implants. So, just is involved?

This procedure involves placing 4 to 6 implants per jaw and then bridging them together by placing teeth on top. Unlike your average denture, these new teeth only sit on the implants, meaning there's no denture sore spots. You needn't worry about them coming loose either, as they are strong and incredibly life-like.

As they look and feel just like your own teeth, it means they act like it too...meaning you can clean them in your mouth just like natural teeth. By opting for full mouth dental implants, you help maintain the bone of the jaw and reduce any further risk of facial changes. We understand that this may seem impossible, so don't just take our word for it...

All the team here are just incredible, they make you feel at ease. I am just so delighted with the end result as you can see. I've a beautiful set of teeth and I just can`t stop smiling. I can only highly recommend Seapoint Clinic and everyone here.

Jacinta, Dublin

Teeth in a Day

Say Goodbye To Dentures

While it's true that dentures are a quick and cheap way of replacing all your teeth, many people don't realise that there are a lot of drawbacks with the procedure. Apart from feeling unnatural, they often feel bulky in the mouth and can come loose while eating or talking. Because of this, we find people avoid social gatherings and even give up the foods they once loved. 

With full mouth dental implants, you can at last laugh, chat and eat in comfort and with renewed confidence as they look and function like natural teeth. 

The Alternatives

There are several alternatives if you're thinking about finally getting rid of those uncomfortable dentures and our expert team at Seapoint Clinic are more than happy to guide you each step of the way.

  • Immediate Load Dental Implants (otherwise known as "teeth in a day", "All on 4" or "same day implants): These allow the placement of temporary teeth the very same day as your dental implant placement. This means you can have fully fixed teeth while the dental implant fuses with your bone and the long term final teeth will then be placed roughly three to six months. This is great for people who have strong enough bone and low enough chewing forces, as the implants are secure enough to support immediate pressure on the new temporary teeth. However, immediate placement may not be suitable for all people, so it's important to talk to your dentist about what best suits your personal requirements. 
  • Mini Implants: Mini dental implants are dental implants far smaller than the most commonly used sizes. This makes treatment to place them far less invasive, as they measure less than 3 mm in diameter, when compared to normal implants which can be 3.25 - 5 mm. These are often used to secure a complete lower or loose denture and in people who may not be good candidates for traditional implants. 
  • All on 4: This treatment is an approach to place a full top or bottom jaw of fixed, replacement teeth. Four dental implants are used to stabilise the replacement temporary teeth, with implants placed in available bone, avoiding the need for bone grafting. Special types of abutments, allow a temporary set of replacement teeth to be placed the same day and used with a modified diet while the implants integrate with the bone. After about six months, the final teeth are then placed and you are able to resume your normal diet. On some occasions, 6 dental implants may be required. 
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