27 February 2018

Say Goodbye to Dentures

Tired of sticky denture pastes and glues? Sick of that ill-fitting, uncomfortable denture sliding about? Tired of hiding your smile? Whether you have some teeth left which require extraction or are simply considering a new denture, Click-tite dentures may be the ideal solution for you. Exclusive to Seapoint Clinic, Click-tite dentures are among our most popular forms of treatment. As we can place your implants at the time of extraction, we actually minimise the amount of time the procedure takes and results in a faster turnaround time for you and your final fitted dentures.  So, just how does it all work?

Your custom-made dentures are anchored into place using four dental implants, allowing your dentures to click and remain in place. Although they stay securely in your mouth, you can easily remove them for cleaning. On average, it takes just two short months for us to make and fit your final denture after the dental implants have been placed. There's no need to worry about being left without teeth at any stage of your treatment, as we arrange for a temporary denture to be fitted in the meantime. As your Click-tite denture remains firmly in place, you won't suffer any further bone loss or facial profile changes, that can occur when wearing an ordinary denture over a period of time. Meaning you can once again go back to enjoying all the foods you once loved as well as smile in complete confidence. 

"I was very happy with my dentist, David, he was a gentleman the whole way through."

Tony, Dublin

Click-tite Denture

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