6 September 2019

How Are Dental Implants Placed?

The most common way that dental implants are placed is in a small surgical procedure where the gum over the area is gently lifted back and a small hole is drilled slightly smaller than the implant. The implant is then inserted into the area and some small stitches are placed. This is all done under local anaesthetic which means you should feel no pain whatsoever. Another method, which is less commonly used, is suitable when the bone is very wide and the gum is thick enough. In this case a small punch is used to remove the overlying gum and a hole is drilled through this small hole in the gum. This has advantages as there are usually no stitches. It is unfortunately not usually possible as the bone needs to be extremely good for this to be an option.

Most of the time after getting dental implants the area will be a bit tender for a few days similar to after an extraction. Typically within 3 days 90% of people will feel no discomfort at all.

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Martina, Tipperary

Dental Implants

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