29 January 2020

How To Fix A Gummy Smile?

Do you suffer from a Gummy Smile?

To most people an ideal smile is one where up to a maximum of 3 mm of gum shows above the tooth. For those showing more, this is called a "Gummy Smile". This can be caused by short teeth which have too much gum covering them or by having too much gum in the jaw. Some people will actually have a bit of both.

Until recently, treatment for this involved removing excess gum where it had grown on the tooth itself (usually straightforwards) or major surgery to adjust the jaw itself. Then along came Anti Wrinkle Injections and these are now being used to reduce the pull of the lips upwards and so can prevent the major gum show in just one simple treatment. Results typically last about 6 months/ injection.

At Seapoint, we can help you if the tooth is covered with gum or if it needs to be made longer with porcelain veneers or composite veneers. If the lip moves too much then talk to our former dentist Dr Altona Myers in Facial Rejuve Clinic, Dublin who can help you. https://facialrejuve.ie/

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