26 February 2021

Scale and Polish

Scale and Polish

Visiting your dental hygienist is vital in maintaining healthy, happy teeth and gums. By seeing a hygienist twice a year, they can offer instructions for your oral care based on the results of your appointment. Whether it be improvements to your everyday routine, dietary changes, bad breath and smoking. It also helps keep gum disease at bay.

Patients who suffer from gum disease may need more intensive treatment following a regular check-up with a hygienist. Gum disease can become more severe during pregnancy, meaning it's crucial that pregnant women arrange more regular visits throughout their pregnancy. Evidence has linked gum disease with heart disease and low birth weight in newborn babies.

Treatment of gum disease involves a dentist or hygienist cleaning tartar build ups from around the teeth and gums. This enables the pockets to heal and the gum to become healthy. This initial treatment can help control gum disease, but it is vital to keep your gums in a healthy condition by using a good tooth brushing technique twice a day and rinse with mouthwash. Arranging regular check-ups with your hygienist every 6 months will help maintain a healthy gum.

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