1 October 2018

Seapoint Braces

Not many people realise that crooked or misaligned teeth are at a far greater risk of being lost early due to tooth decay, increased pressure and periodontal disease. It's why, more often than not, that people tend to get braces during their teenage years. The reason being is that the vast majority of people will have all of their permanent teeth by that age. It's also far easier to detect potential long term issues such as bad bites, crooked or gappy teeth. 

However, orthodontic treatment isn't just for teenagers. As treatment becomes more affordable and discreet, a growing number of adults are opting for Invisalign and Six Month Braces. From people wanting to improve their smile for their big day to people fed up of hiding their teeth, we've had patients of all ages opt for braces at Seapoint Clinic. So, which treatment is best suited for you...

The attention to detail has been outstanding. I've been recommending all my family and friends to come here!

David O'Brien, Blackrock

Six Month Braces


By using a series of clear, custom-made aligners, Invisalign allows you to brush and eat as normal throughout the entirety of your treatment. Treatment tends to take about a year to complete, but can go faster if fewer adjustments are needed. Invisalign is the ideal treatment for people who want to keep their treatment as discreet as possible, as the clear aligners make them nearly impossible to see. Another added benefit is that they are removable, but we do recommend wearing them for 22 hours per day.

It's also popular with patients who may have worn braces as a child and gone on to suffer some form of orthodontic relapse. Although Invisalign is not suitable for everyone, Six Month Braces are also incredibly popular with patients both young and old.

Six Month Braces

By far our most popular form of braces, Six Month Braces allows you to get the smile you've always wanted in the quickest time possible. As Six Month Braces only focuses on your front teeth, any changes are purely cosmetic, meaning we don't alter your bite in any degree. If you do have issues with your back teeth, you may require more conventional braces.

Six Month Braces are available in both see-through and traditional metal braces. We find that most patients opt for the white coloured braces, as they are far more discreet than the metal finish. 

The Next Step...

To find out the right treatment for you, why not contact us today about booking a consultation. The benefit? All our orthodontic consultations are completely free of charge, giving you a great opportunity to raise any questions you may have as well as discover what treatment is the right one for you.

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