1 May 2019

Seapoint Clinic Deep Teeth Whitening

Here at Seapoint Clinic, our Deep Teeth Whitening is the fastest possible way to get your teeth as naturally white as they can be. Our dedicated Teeth Whitening Suite means you can get a sparkling smile in as little as a single 90 minute session at a time convenient to you. But just how does it work and what sets it above shop bought alternatives...

The main ingredient in our light-activated teeth whitening gel is Hydrogen Peroxide. As this is broken down in the gel, it enables oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin, bleaching it a healthy shade of white without altering the structure of the tooth itself. By opting for in-clinic whitening, you are guaranteed the best possible results. Consulting with a dental professional should always be your first step when whitening your teeth. Shop bought whitening strips, gels and toothpastes can take weeks or even months to whiten your teeth even a few shades. Whereas in-clinic whitening is clinically proven to whiten 9 to 12 shades in a single session.

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