16 September 2020

Seapoint’s Teeth Whitening

Seapoint Clinic's renowned teeth whitening is ideal for anyone looking to brighten their smile. Quite often people are put off opting for teeth whitening due to possible sensitivity, however our teeth whitening treatment is often used on people who have sensitive teeth and don't feel a thing! In some cases, people may find slight sensitivity after teeth whitening but this soon disperses and even then, applying a small dab of Sensodyne toothpaste on your teeth can help ease this. 

The results of Seapoint's in-clinic teeth whitening can last up to 3 years thanks to our 'secret sauce' formula! It also means you can get your teeth whitened in the quickest and shortest possible time. Of course, this does depend on some habits such as smoking and how frequently you eat staining foods such as curries or coffees/teas. We do recommend opting for home whitening trays as well in order to "top up" your smile along with regular hygiene appointments to maintain a sparkling smile.

You'll always get the best possible results by opting for in-clinic whitening as opposed to the shop bought alternatives. Although a seemingly cheaper option, the results aren't as white and can even fade in as little as one day so why constantly purchase it when you can have a bright white smile all year round by popping into us!

In as little as 90 minutes, you can brighten your smile in time for those Christmas snaps! It's been a hell of a year, so why not give yourself something to smile about!

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