2 December 2022

Smile Direct Club: pros and cons

Smile Direct Club: pros and cons

You have probably heard adverts for Smile Direct Club and wondered what it’s all about?

Are the claims they make about an easier, cheaper process what they make out to be?

Here’s our take on it..

  1. Smile Direct Club doesn’t use orthodontists. Essentially you are getting some scans from a sales agent and then someone sitting at a computer overseas is designing your new smile. I don’t know how you feel but to us teeth are important. Having a trained dentist checking things along the way seems kind of important!
  2. There is nothing special about the technology used by Smile Direct. Technology is supposed to be about doing things better and faster…Smile Direct simply does it cheaper by removing the trained professional from the equation…guess what...if something goes wrong with your teeth as a result they can’t help you. You will have to visit a real dentist and they may not wish to take on a case that has gone wrong in Smile Direct Club.
  3. Smile Direct is losing money. They are losing A LOT of money. It is predicted to lose between 25-75M USD this year. Based on that there is a strong chance this company won’t be around to help you in the future.
  4. You buy cheap, you buy twice. If you want to try out a cheap shampoo what have you got to lose? Give it a shot and see what happens...healthcare is different. You get 1 set of adult teeth and if they go wrong it’s very hard to get them right again.
  5. Reduced visits: we use advanced smile analysis so you can avoid many unnecessary clinic visits throughout your aligner journey. You can always come in to be checked out by a real human being if you need to.

  6. Finance options: we offer these too. You can spread the cost of alignment over 24 months which makes straightening your teeth more affordable than ever.

  7. ABC. Many smiles need more than just alignment. Often there is wear, chipping, discoloration or misshaping of them. Smile Direct can’t do anything for that. We have dentists on hand who can magic your teeth into the best shape they can be and it’s as easy as ABC- Align, Bleach & Contour with composite.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about your tailored solution. Whether is braces or Invisalign, we have the perfect solution for you at Seapoint Clinic!

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