3 October 2019

Seapoint Clinic: Teeth in a Day

Thanks to major advancements made in modern dental technology, we are able to provide you with fully fixed teeth in a day with a single visit to Seapoint Clinic. Following your initial consultation, you will arrive at Seapoint Clinic first thing in the morning. We then carefully remove any problem teeth and place special dental implants. Our on-site dental laboratory then handcraft your new teeth while you relax watching TV in one of our treatment suites. Later that same afternoon, your new teeth are then securely placed allowing you to eat a hearty meal that very evening!

I simply cannot stop smiling, I'm delighted!

Jacinta Ormond, Dublin

Teeth in a Day

From start to finish, your comfort is our priority. Our caring team ensure you are relaxed throughout the entirety of your treatment. Our effective sedation also means you can drift off during treatment, so you won't feel any discomfort. As treatment is completed in just one day, it makes recovery time far quicker. It really is that simple.

If you're interested in Teeth in a Day, contact a member of our customer service team to arrange an initial consultation today!

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