28 September 2022

The Latest Advances in Artificial Intelligence

The Latest Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Given that one of our founders designed the original Ryanair website it’s no surprise that Seapoint Clinic is always on the cutting edge of technology.

What we have just started using is really exciting however…

It’s the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) which automatically scans your digital x-rays to highlight any potential problems.

As a patient it can sometimes be hard to understand information being presented in x-rays and the AI highlights the areas of concern making it easier to have confidence in what is suggested to you.

It also serves as an important backup to dentists, who are only human after all. It helps them to get greater certainty as to what is or is not decay on images.

Key Benefits-

Easier to see what issues you have

Greater accuracy in diagnosis

2 Opinions for you instead of One at no extra cost

We are really excited to be the first to bring this amazing technology to you.

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