9 September 2019

Tooth Whitening & Sensitivity

Firstly, having sensitive teeth is the biggest sign that the whitening gel is working! So, don't worry. It's not dangerous in any way, it just annoying and can cause people to stop whitening and not get the best result possible. So ..

  1. Rather than wearing the tray all night with bleach in it, try whitening your teeth for the hour before bedtime. Then use Sensodyne tooth-paste in your tray at night while your asleep, instead of whitening gel. This can work amazingly well for people. One process (the whitening) sensitises your teeth and the other makes it better.
  2. Or, instead of whitening your teeth every day, try whitening them every 2nd day or every 3rd day. This can be brilliant and can mean you can complete the full course and get the best results.
  3. Avoid acidic drinks for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, most of the nice drinks we like these days are highly acidic and, combined with tooth whitening, can make for very sensitive teeth. By eliminating them for while you're whitening can make the difference between success and disappointment! Drinks like - Diet Soda, Tonic water (Gin and tonics people!), White wine, Fizzy water, Green tea, etc etc ...

Finding a routine that suits your teeth and your lifestyle is the key to success! And make sure to let us know what works for you. We've have some fabulous feedback over the years that allows us to get better and better information and results for people! Happy whitening!

The results are fantastic! I've a brighter, whiter smile in less than an hour.

Niall Cooney, Dartry, Co. Dublin

Teeth Whitening

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