12 February 2018

Veneers: Everything You Need To Know

Here at Seapoint Clinic, we can completely transform your smile in a matter of weeks. By opting for veneers, we are able to take years off your appearance without the need of undergoing major surgery. Veneers can straighten and brighten your teeth without ever having to wear braces. It really is that simple!

What Veneers Are Available?

For the vast majority of cosmetic cases, we use Da Vinci veneers. These carefully handcrafted veneers are created by highly skilled technicians in Da Vinci Studios, California, before being placed here at Seapoint Clinic. This method enables us to combine strength and beauty in order to help create the smile you always longed for. 

Will There Be Any Sensitivity?

It's very rare for people to have sensitivity after having their veneers placed. However, everyone is different and in some cases people who have overly sensitive teeth, may experience some form of sensitivity. If you do suffer from sensitive teeth, it's best to talk to your dentist beforehand.

What Is The Difference Between A Crown & Veneer?

There is very little difference between a veneer and crown, as both are made using white porcelain. The main difference between the two is the amount of tooth that is removed in order to place them, as veneers are bonded into place compared to crowns, which are cemented to the tooth. In most cases, a veneer only requires minimal tooth preparation, but both a crown and veneer look and feel identical. 

I've really had a different experience in that, after I'm had my dental treatment here, I've had no pain

Nora Ann, Dun Laoghaire

Da Vinci Crowns & Veneers

Will People Know I Have Veneers?

The reason why people choose veneers at Seapoint Clinic is because we design your smile to look and feel exactly how you want it, meaning you get a natural looking smile. Before treatment, we will arrange a smile simulation in our on-site Digital Smile Design studio. By doing so, we are able to show you what your smile will look like without even touching your teeth! Once you're happy with your design, we simulate your digital smile into porcelain before bonding it into place. We are able to create your smile in just about any shape, size and shade you desire. As the single largest provider of Da Vinci veneers in Ireland, you will receive a lifetime guarantee against fracture of the veneers from Da Vinci Studios themselves.

Are They Removable?

No. As your veneers are a permanent fixture on your teeth, they have the potential to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. 

Can Veneers Replace A Missing Tooth?

As a veneer only acts in a similar fashion to a false nail, it requires a natural tooth to be bonded onto to. In the case of missing teeth, we offer dental implants, which are the ideal solution. 

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