10 April 2018

What Is Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening Explained

Crown Lengthening reshapes your gums tissue to show a greater area of the tooth structure. This is used for cosmetic reasons, usually to minimizing the appearance of a gummy smile. It can also be done for technical reasons like supporting future porcelain crown or a filling when there is decay or a crack near the gum line. If you suffer from chronicle gum disease you may not be eligible for this procedure. It is completely comfortable and is done under local anesthesia. You shouldn’t feel a thing. The gum is reshaped by removing small amounts of it in desired areas. The goal is to lengthen the appropriate teeth or create greater symmetry at the gum line. 

What to Expect After Crown Lengthening

Things will be a little tender or sensitive for a while afterwards, but the results are that your teeth should look amazing after a couple of days.

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