Are there any possible complications with implants?

Dental implants are generally very trouble free but like with all surgeries, there is a chance issues can occur:

  • Surgical procedure: Any surgical procedure carries risks may include bleeding, swelling, infection, bruising, pain etc. These vary from person to person and on the number of implants being done, where they are being done and the condition of the bone etc. All surgery puts some stress on the body so you need to have normal healing and be in good physical condition. In very rare cases pain could last and become chronic after a surgery.
  • Sedation: This is a very safe procedure and we monitor your oxygen levels and heart rate throughout to ensure risks are kept to a minimum.
  • Teeth: When the implants/teeth go into your mouth it can take some time to adapt. Some manage better than others. It is possible to bite your cheek or tongue and you may have a slight lisp for some time. Nothing is unbreakable and sometimes a tooth on a denture can chip or break, porcelain can fracture and screws can loosen. Complications are higher in people who grind their teeth, in these cases we recommend a wearing a nightguard to reduce complications.

There are other possible complications, which are very rare. If you would like to know more please discuss with your dentist.

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