Do you deal with patients that suffer from headaches, teeth grinding and jaw aches?

We meet patients on a daily basis that suffer from headaches and migraines, which are actually related to disorders in their sleep. Many patients we see wake up in the morning with stiff muscles and headaches, sometimes with difficulty opening their mouth or chewing properly.

Typically, this is related to teeth grinding at night and it can be easily corrected with the manufacture of an NTI appliance. This small easy to wear appliance fits over the front teeth only and gently separates them during sleep. If you suffer from tooth grinding or headaches it is worth checking if an NTI or nightguard can be of benefit to you. We have helped dozens of patients with these remarkable and simple treatments.

If you grind your teeth in your sleep, you can cause enormous damage over time to natural teeth and indeed dental crowns/implants/veneers etc. If you wear a nightguard, this damage can be prevented and your teeth will likely last the rest of your life.

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