Do you offer any other forms of sedation?

For those who are undergoing more lengthy procedures or who are very nervous, we offer IV sedation. This involves the use of an IV sedative (Midazolam) and provides more profound reduction in anxiety. It also eliminates most, if not all, memory of the procedure. This is a very effective method of sedation for anxious patients. IV sedation is very safe in healthy patients. However, it does legally require an escort to accompany you until you have fully recovered several hours later. You do not need to fast with IV sedation and anyone in good health is a suitable candidate provided they are not phobic of needles in the hand/arm and have visible veins. IV sedation is charged separately and is non-refundable if the procedure cannot go ahead due to lack of an escort. You must also sign a consent form in advance of treatment when undergoing IV sedation.

For those who are very nervous IV sedation can allow most patients to undergo dental treatments uneventfully.

For a patient who cannot undergo dental treatment at all even under IV sedation, a referral to the dental hospital for treatment under general anaesthetic is necessary. It is best if this can be avoided as typically no conservative treatments such as fillings or implants are carried out under general anaesthetic and this means many teeth get taken out unnecessarily.

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