22 June 2018

You’ll Love Our Teen Braces

Why Choose Us?

The best time for most people to get orthodontic treatment is during their teenage years. This is because most people will already have the majority of their permanent teeth by age 11. It also makes detecting any potential issues including crooked teeth or bad bites far easier, making treatment much more straightforward.

By opting for teen braces at Seapoint Clinic, we can help correct crooked or misaligned teeth which are at risk of being lost early on due to decay, increased jaw pressure and periodontal disease. Quite often, problems can be inherited or caused by any number of factors. But just how do you pick the right treatment and clinic for you? It can be confusing and quite often you may be tempted to put off treatment…so why should you choose the Seapoint Clinic over others?

  • Discreet Treatment

Discreet braces now make getting a straight smile easier and more affordable than ever before. With Invisalign, you’ll receive a set of custom made clear aligners which will realign your teeth without anyone even knowing you’re having treatment. These discreet braces are also easily removable, meaning you can eat all the foods and drinks you like, as well as brushing your teeth as normal throughout your entire treatment. It’s why Invisalign is becoming increasingly more popular with patients of all ages.

Rather use conventional fixed braces? You can even get tooth coloured brackets and wiring, making it practically impossible to notice you’re wearing braces.

  • Convenient Opening Hours

Convenient opening hours mean you can fit your appointments in around your own schedule...we’re even open on weekends!

  • Family Discounts

We know that the teenage years can be an expensive time for most parents so we offer a 10% discount for your second child in treatment and 15% for your third child!

  • No Hidden Fees

We’re not ones for unwelcome surprises, so the cost of your teens’ braces will include everything they need to straighten their smile: all of their appointments (including any emergency appointments), fixed and removable retainers and complimentary teeth whitening at the end of treatment! What’s not to like!

Our fees reflect the skill of our team – who only provide high quality orthodontic treatment – and the quality of the service we provide. We’ve straightened thousands of smiles and we’re experts at what we do. Orthodontic treatment is a big investment, and you should be confident that your teen is achieving a new smile in the best way possible.

  • Experienced, Caring Team

Here at Seapoint Clinic, we feature some of the country’s leading dental professionals. Dr. Jim Griffin is one of Ireland’s top orthodontists, providing cutting edge, modern Invisalign treatment which uses clear aligners to gently move your teeth into the desired position. Dr. Griffin’s vast catalogue of expertise has enabled him to provide exceptional treatment for each and every patient. 

Working alongside Dr. Griffin is our senior dental therapist Rachael Byrne. A native of Wicklow, Rachael has completed her Professional Nursing Qualification from Trinity College Dublin. 

They have a great orthodontic team here. Their manner with children is absolutely fantastic. It was an absolute no brainer.

Shane Byrne, Wicklow

Teen Braces for daughter

Still not too sure whether Seapoint Clinic is the right choice for you? Don’t forget all our orthodontic consultations are FREE so there’s no reason not to call into us! Check out our orthodontic page for more information.

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