5 January 2018

Benefits of Click-tite Dentures

Exclusive to the Seapoint Clinic, Click-tite Dentures allows you to have safe, secure and beautiful dentures - with the freedom to bite, chew, laugh and talk with renewed confidence. Tired of your old, loose and ill-fitting dentures? Fed up of not being able to eats the foods you love? Or do you simply long to smile, care free? Well, Click-tite Dentures are the ideal solution for you. So, how does it all work?

Your Click-tite Dentures are specifically made to fit your mouth and are anchored into place using a number of dental implants, allowing your new dentures to click into place. This means that with Click-tite Dentures, your new teeth will remain securely in place and still be easily removed for cleaning

On average,we can make and fit your final dentures in as little as two months once your implants have been placed. You needn't worry, you will never be left without teeth at any stage of the healing process. Do you have some teeth left which require extraction or are you simply considering replacing that tired denture? As your implants can be placed at the time of extraction, it means that procedure time is vastly reduced, resulting in a faster turnaround time for your final dentures. 

It was so much more comfortable then when I just had dentures.

Anne, Dublin

Dental Implants

Loose Dentures Causing Discomfort?

The easiest way to secure dentures involves placing several small anchors (usually four) to the jaw. These then hold the denture in place. The more implants that are placed, the more secure the denture. We can even increase or decrease the retention for you, meaning you choose how easily you want to remove them. Click-tite implants can also preserve the jaw bone and help stop facial profile collapse, something traditional dentures can't do. 

The VHI will even make a contribution to the cost of the lower jaw if you have no remaining teeth and struggle with dentures, as well as being tax deductible. 

Why struggle any longer with uncomfortable, worn out dentures? Why avoid smiling in family photos? Why not contact us today and see for yourself how you can regain your lost smile.

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