14 September 2020

Braces for Your Teenager

The ideal time to opt for braces is during your teenage years. The reason is that by the age of 11, the vast majority of us will have most if not all of our permanent teeth by then, making it much easier to detect potential issues such as a bad bite, crooked teeth or gaps. Another reason is that your body is growing at a rapid pace, allowing treatment to be completed much quicker than as an adult.

We have a wide range of orthodontic treatment available to your teenager - including traditional braces, see-through braces and Invisalign.

I love my new smile!

Alex Byrne, Arklow, Co. Wicklow


We know that teenage years can be an expensive time for most parents so we offer a 10% discount for your second child in treatment and 15% for your third child! Contact our customer service team today to arrange your appointment and find out how braces at Seapoint Clinic can get your teenager smiling!

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