9 March 2020

Click-tite Dentures Dublin

Exclusive to Seapoint Clinic, Click-tite dentures are proven to be the best way to replace your old, ill-fitting dentures. Unlike regular dentures, Click-tite allows you to eat, talk and drink as normal without having to avoid your favourite foods. 

How Does It All Work...

Your custom-made dentures are anchored into place using a series of dental implants (on average 4) and securely clicks into place, hence the name! If you have some teeth left and are considering a denture, Click-tite is the ideal solution for you. During the extraction, we can place your implants making for a shorter procedure time. 

The entire process usually takes two months from the time of extraction to fitting your final dentures. There's no need to worry, we won't leave you without teeth at any stage of your treatment. By opting for Click-tite dentures, you can help maintain your jaw bone and avoid facial collapse, something which occurs when missing teeth aren't replaced. 

All the team here are just incredible, they make you feel at ease. I am just so delighted with the end result as you can see. I've a beautiful set of teeth and I just can`t stop smiling. I can only highly recommend Seapoint Clinic and everyone here.

Jacinta Ormond, Dublin

Teeth in a Day

In some cases, the VHI may even make a contribution to the cost of the lower jaw if you have no remaining teeth and are currently struggling with dentures. Click-tite is also tax deductible. If you decide later on that you would prefer to have fixed teeth it is usually possible to upgrade the implants to provide fixed teeth. This is not possible with mini implants as they are too small to support the additional forces.


If you're unsure whether Click-tite dentures are suitable for you, we do provide an alternative solution in the form of Mini Implants. While mini implants don't provide the same security as their Click-tite alternatives, they can still provide a huge improvement when compared to traditional dentures and glues. Our mini implants are placed through a small keyhole through the gum, making them remarkably simple to place and ideal for anyone missing all their teeth and among the best ways to ensure a loose denture remains securely in place.

Mini implants are made using a miniature titanium implant which acts just like your natural tooth root. This allows us to ensure your denture is much more stable and prevents it from sliding out of place or coming loose when eating/chatting. 

These mini implants allow you to chew all sorts of foods again that you may not have had in years such as steak, apples and even chewing gum.

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