30 July 2019

Composite Veneers

Unlike their porcelain counterparts, instant or composite veneers don't require any preparation to your own natural teeth and are less expensive. Whereas porcelain veneers are produced in a dental laboratory, composite veneers are shaped onto your teeth while you sit in the dentists chair and can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, depending on how many you require. 

We often find that patients come to us convinced that they need an entire set of veneers. This is rarely the case and we can drastically improve your smile with only 2-4 composite veneers. We do require an initial consultation in order to assess your teeth and see whether you are suitable for composite veneers. At this initial consultation, one of our cosmetic dentists will discuss the treatment options available to you as well as clearly explain the exact cost of your treatment in order to achieve the desired result of a healthy, natural looking smile.

Instant veneers is a great treatment because it can be done in just one visit. There's no drilling of your natural teeth, no need for numbing and it gives really lovely results.

Dr. Marie Sanfey, Seapoint Clinic

Composite Veneers

So How Does It All Work?

On the day of your initial consultation, we carry out a full aesthetic assessment of your teeth, smile and face using high quality photography and video analysis. Your cosmetic dentist may recommend some teeth whitening in order to ensure you're happy with your healthy, brighter smile. From here, your dentist will carefully layer the composite veneers around your teeth to your desired shape, size and colour. You can then leave the clinic straight away, without the need of numbing or sedation, to enjoy your new smile! It really is that straightforward.

If you'd like to discover more about how composite veneers can transform your smile, contact a member of our customer service team today!

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