24 March 2020

Covid 19

Coronavirus and Dentistry

It's a really difficult time for everyone involved in Dentistry with the rapid spread of coronavirus. Here are a few thoughts for patients who may be affected by closures and restrictions in place at present...

Why are dentists closing?

As a clinic we have a duty of care to our team and to to the community as a whole. As dentists and hygienists work in very close proximity to their clients they are at particular risk from covid infection. This is particularly the case where aerosols are being generated (such as with drilling and ultrasonic tooth scaling). Even with dentists wearing masks/gloves and scrubs there is still an unacceptable risk of clinicians getting sick at this time. If team members get sick they can also spread the infection to the wider community.

What is still possible to do?

For patients who have emergency dental needs we are still there to take care of your needs. If you are in pain for have an infection we are there to help. We will try wherever possible to reduce the physical contact required to help you to a minimum.

What about orthodontics?

We are reviewing the situation daily and it may be possible to reintroduce orthodontics in the near future as there is less risk from aerosols creation.

When will the clinic fully reopen?

We will reopen once we are satisfied the risk to the public and our team members has significantly reduced. It is impossible to put an exact time frame on that right now.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to serving you as soon as practically possible.

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