8 April 2019

Dental Implants in Dublin

Are you struggling with dental pastes and glues? Do you miss eating your favourite foods or simply miss smiling with confidence? Well dental implants here at Seapoint Clinic in the heart of south county Dublin are the solution for you. Dental implants are now hailed as a revolution in modern dental technology, easily replacing missing or failing teeth. Simply put, dental implants are an investment in your future and health. After all, nobody wants to live with missing teeth or an uncomfortable ill-fitting denture. 

Over time, your jawbone may begin to reduce and can often lead to facial collapse, ageing a person. With dental implants, we can actually prevent further bone loss and encourage the growth of bone in the jaw. Our aim is to restore both your smile and your confidence. 

Nowadays when I walk into a room, I walk in smiling. I'm not afraid to smile anymore.

Caroline Duffy, Tipperary

Dental Implants

Obviously, choosing the correct dental clinic to suit your specific requirements can be a somewhat baffling experience. As so many clinics offer so many treatments, all at wildly various prices, some people can be put off by opting for much needed treatment. That's why we take every step possible in helping you make that decision. Having invested in modern technology, we are able to place implants for patients who have even been refused by other dentists.

We also pride ourselves in terms of the clarity of our fees. You won't find any nasty hidden charges or other surprises. Instead, on the day of your initial consultation you will be given a personalised treatment and payment plan, enabling you to see exactly how much treatment will cost.

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