7 January 2020

Dublin Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry allows people to regain and renew both their confidence and smile. You'd be surprised by just how many people we see on a daily basis who have hidden their smile for years, avoiding social gatherings and photos. However, with thanks to dental implants those days are long gone. Whether you're missing a single tooth, teeth or want to replace that cumbersome old denture - dental implants can get you smiling and living your life to the fullest once again. So how does it all work?

In years gone by, a lot of dental issues were solved by simply taking out a tooth/teeth with no consideration of how it impacts your entire jaw and indeed confidence. Instead, advancements made in modern dental techniques and technologies give us a greater understanding of how to correctly, efficiently and painlessly correct a problem. We will never take out any healthy teeth. We simply focus on the cause of the discomfort. It's why dental implants are unmatched in replacing missing or failing teeth. As dental implants look, act and feel just like a natural tooth, no one will even notice you've had treatment! You can even brush your teeth as normal, no need to struggle with denture pastes or glues. Even better is you can laugh, chat and eat your favourite foods in comfort without fear of them coming loose or popping out.

Not many people realise the long-term damage they are causing by not replacing missing teeth, as your jawbone can actually begin to decrease in size over time and lead to facial collapse. A dental implant, however, can stimulate the growth of bone in the jaw meaning they stay firmly in place and your jaw remains in tip-top shape.

I simply can’t say enough, they’re just wonderful.

Vera Roche, Dublin

Dental Implants

It can be a bewildering experience when it comes to choosing the correct clinic for your specific needs. There are so many TV and radio adverts out there all offering a range of seemingly great deals at low cost prices. But how do you know it's the right treatment for you? Do you roll the dice and go abroad or do you stick with a trusted and experienced dental clinic right on your doorstep. 

We established Seapoint Clinic for that very reason. We've invested in both the latest technology and pulling together the most experienced and caring team all under one roof. Our advanced CT scanner enables is to create a fully detailed 3D rendering of your mouth, allowing us to check exactly where nerves and sinuses are. 

We also pride ourselves on the clarity of our fees, you won't find any nasty hidden charges or costs. Instead, you'll be given a detailed treatment plan which will outline the exact cost of your treatment from start to finish. You'll also meet your treatment coordinator, who will be able to answer any call or email you have about your specific plan or treatment at any stage of your treatment.

So why not contact us today to arrange your dental implant consultation!

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