21 June 2018

Delaying Dental Implants May Cost You

What You Need To Know About Delaying Dental Implants

Nobody wants to live with gaps in their smile, missing teeth or with an uncomfortable denture that will eventually become loose and cause discomfort over time. There are many costs to NOT having dental implants.

  1. Facial collapse: Without a root of a tooth in the jawbone, the bone will continue to recede and the face to collapse inwards giving people that “sunken” appearance. This accelerates over time and ages a person far beyond their years. Dental implants, maintained properly, will support your face and prevent any further bone loss.
  2. Bone Loss: It’s a simple fact that tooth loss leads to bone loss. Once bone loss starts to occur, your gums will the start to recede making it even more difficult to keep your denture in place in your mouth. Eventually, your denture will become looser and looser over time as the bone continues to recede. The longer this continues, the more difficult and costly it is to repair.
  3. Shrinking Gums: It’s not just bone that shrinks away when you lose a tooth. Shrinking gums require grating and plastic surgical procedures to replace adding to complexity and difficulty of your reconstruction
  4. The Domino Effect: The you lose teeth, the remaining teeth are placed under increased pressure and workload. This increased pressure simply reduces their lifespan and the longevity of all fillings, crown, bridges and veneers in your mouth leading to their early loss. Acting as quickly as possible limits the damage
  5. The “Use it or Lose it” Rule: The quality, strength and density of your jaw bone deteriorates rapidly after the loss of teeth. When the bone that used to hold your teeth falls into disuse, it becomes much softer very rapidly. In exactly the same way that a muscle will waste away very quickly if not used, bone does the same. Delaying dental implants means that the foundations soften over time making it more difficult and costly to fix.

Luckily, our dental specialists are here to restore our patient’s confident smiles and allow them to live their lives in comfort. It’s a fantastic time to be in dentistry and a great time to be changing lives. Choose dental implants at Seapoint Clinic as the right investment in your oral health.

Kiss goodbye to dentures forever with the revolutionary treatment that is dental implants. Bin those annoying denture adhesives once and for all. You will finally be able to taste foods properly again. You will feel (and look) years younger without an uncomfortable plate in your mouth. You will be able to kiss, laugh and smile without being concerned about your teeth. It`s an amazing feeling!

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