Full Jaw Dental Implants are the best for you.

If you have lost your teeth and are looking for the closest replacement to the original; then full jaw dental implants with fixed teeth is the answer. This treatment gives you back fixed teeth fixed securely to implants which do not move at all, allow you to chew all foods and are not taken out for cleaning. They are fixed in place just like your own teeth were.

The procedure usually involves placing 4 – 6 implants per jaw and the connecting the implants together. This option is the best available as it is the closest you can get to replacing your missing teeth. The final teeth themselves can either be made of either porcelain or composite. Your implant dentist will discuss with you which might be the best option in your individual case.  We only use the world’s best dental implant types. Nobel Biocare or Biohorizons dental implants have the longest-term data of over 3020-30 year now. You can read more here if you like

Not like Dentures

Unlike a denture, they are firmly attached to the implants, so there are no denture sore spots. They are cleaned in the mouth just like your own teeth. It is the most successful and longest lasting of all the options available. This will allow you to maintain the bone of the jaws also and so reduce the risk of any facial profile changes.

These teeth can be made to look very natural just like your own teeth and can be made to any colour you like.

Teeth in a Day?

Sometimes this procedure can even be done in a single day. Although this is not possible for all people; talk to us to see if might be an option for you.

You can read more about this on our website here, Full Mouth dental Implants or Teeth in a day procedures

full mouth dental implants