It’s amazing how many people go around with a missing tooth and don`t realise the damage it can do to their teeth and their smile. There are lots of reasons why replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant is the right way to go.

Every case is different in terms of complexity and difficulty. If the bone is present in the area the cost is usually the cost of a single implant and crown.

The costs would increase if the bone was absent as other procedures would be required such as bone grafting. If your tooth is still in place you should allow for the cost of removal and socket grafting if required.

At Seapoint Clinic we make sure that our patients have all the available information on hand to help them make the choice to regain that beautiful smile.

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“Initially I was worried it would look a little bit fake, or that it would be painful, but the whole process has been so simple and there was no pain involved.” -Eimear, Dublin

Eimear was thrilled by how easy and painless her dental implant treatment was. After Dr. Myers fitted the implant with a high quality crown, it was like having her own tooth back again.

Eimear- Dublin, Seapoint Clinic