22 May 2020

I’m Nervous of the Dentist

When we hear you are nervous of the dentist our heart skips a beat. We have seen first hand how scared patients can be of a visit to the dentist. Usually they have had a bad experience in childhood and that stays with them for the rest of their lives..

What can be done?

Dentistry is not what it used to be thankfully. Most dentists who inflicted fear into their patients and lacked a good chair side manner are consigned to history. For the patients who visited them thought the memory remains so what can be done?

Seeking out an understanding and empathetic dentist is the first step to good dental health.

As a nervous patient you don't want to visit an NHS style clinic where everyone is rushed and there is no time other than to "Drill & fill". You want to visit a clinic that puts your comfort and safety first and that has a caring team that genuinely wants you to have a great experience.

For many people the noises and the smells of the dentist can be a trigger to earlier childhood fear. That is why Seapoint Clinic has the smell of good coffee awaiting you. That is why we have TV's over the dental chair so you can be taken away from the fact you are at the dentists to a world of your choosing.

Nervous patients are VERY welcome in Seapoint because to us that is what dentistry should really be about. Helping people to improve their lives and to overcome their fears.

There is no judgement at Seapoint so don't for a second feel anxious about leaving your teeth as they are for too long. There is no confessional in our clinic. However long it's been since you last saw a dentist we are happy to see you. 

For many people with dental anxiety a friendly smile and caring team gets them comfortable. For those that need a little more help we also offer sedation where you can have "Smiles while you sleep..."

Here at Seapoint Clinic, we're more than happy to help guide you through your treatment.

Dr. Tom Linehan, Seapoint Clinic

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