16 August 2017

Smiles While You Sleep

Get Your Seapoint Smile as you Sleep

We know that going to the dentist can be quite an unnerving prospect for anyone. However, the days of cold, grey walls and uncomfortable procedures are long gone. At Seapoint, you can regain your smile while you sleep, meaning you won't feel a thing throughout your treatment. It's something that has become increasingly popular, as people can undergo the treatment they've always longed for, without the worry of any discomfort. 

Sedation is perfectly safe and only carried out by highly-qualified professionals, meaning that you're in safe hands from the moment you enter through our door. 

For those undergoing lengthy procedures or who may be nervous, we offer IV and oral sedation. This form of sedation helps to radically reduce anxiety and eliminates most if not all memory of the treatment. We find this to be the most effective method of sedation and are more than happy to offer this procedure to any patient feeling anxious.

Oral sedation is most popular among patients who may have avoided the dentist out of fear. Oral sedation can effectively helping a patient become as comfortable and relaxed as possible using well established and proven protocols with a variety of sedation medications administered orally. These protocols can be customised for the patient’s individual emotional and physical needs.

"Initially I was worried it would look a little bit fake, or that it would be painful, but the whole process has been so simple and there was no pain involved."

Eimear McCaffrey, Dublin

Dental Implants

IV sedation is a perfectly safe and straightforward procedure, but does legally require an escort to accompany you once you have recovered for several hours. You don't even have to fast beforehand and anyone in reasonably good health can be a suitable candidate, provided they have visible veins and are not phobic of needles.

Sedation means you can get perfectly straight teeth and learn to smile again, free from any discomfort throughout. More so, you get to relax in comfortable surroundings, safe in the knowledge that your care and comfort is our number one priority.

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