3 July 2020

Invisalign Braces Treatment

Invisalign braces are among our most popular forms of treatment with patients of all ages. We often hear from patients who put off getting much needed orthodontic treatment at the prospect of bulky, metal braces. However, the days of unsightly 'train tracks' are long gone! Instead, they have been replaced with discreet clear braces. 

Invisalign braces are also completely removable, meaning you can still enjoy all your favourite foods and brush your teeth as normal throughout the entirety of your treatment. So how does it all work?

Invisalign are custom-molded clear aligners which you can pop on and off between meals. On average, treatment time takes about a year to complete but can go by quicker where fewer movements are required. Every 2-3 weeks you'll receive a new set of aligners as your teeth begin to move into the correct position.Another added benefit of Invisalign is their discreet nature - meaning no one will even notice you're wearing braces!

In some cases, Invisalign may not be suitable for every case, but you can always opt for our clear braces or 6 month braces.

Invisalign is also increasingly popular among our adult patients. No longer do people assume that to have braces you have to be a teenager. Anyone of any age can get braces, treatment will feel the same whether you get treatment when you are in your teens, or whether you get treatment when you are an adult.

By also investing in the latest technology, we are able to show you exactly how your teeth will move over time. Meaning you can see how your smile will eventually look like on the day of your first appointment!

If you're interested in Invisalign or any treatment here at Seapoint Clinic, why not contact us today to arrange your initial consultation.

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