What’s in a smile makeover?

We often give out smile makeovers as competition prizes online or on TV. Our most recent winner, Odette, had a lot of fun revealing her new smile on RTE Today. It’s a dramatic transformation when someone reveals their new smile and a lot of work and thought goes into it behind the scenes. If you’ve seen the jump from A to Z and you’re wondering what goes on in between, here’s a quick run down of the Seapoint Smile Design process, from start to finish.

1. Finding your design

The first step is to sit down with us and discuss what you have in mind. Once we have an idea what you’re looking for, our team use photographs and impressions of your teeth to digitally design the shape and position of the new smile. The aim is to find a design that fits each individual personally, so the result looks like a beautiful, natural set of teeth.

Smile Design

Your dentist can show you the design and explain what will work for you.

2. Trying on your new smile

The next step is the Seapoint Smile Design reveal. This is where you try on the new set of teeth in temporary material. This makes no changes to the existing teeth and is a great way to preview and critique the design before everyone is happy to go ahead. Our team send you home with side-by-side photographs so that you can have a long think about the planned smile makeover and if you’d like to make any adjustments.

Siobhan smile makeover

Siobhan was able to preview her smile before going ahead with anything.

3. Reviewing your plan

If you’re happy with the design and the planned outcome looks like its the right fit for you, then our team will get to work on drawing up a plan to get you there. This differs for each individual. When the teeth are in a good position already, crowns and veneers are often the best option. In some cases a short orthodontic treatment is necessary to move the teeth into the right positions before fitting them with crowns and veneers. This all depends on a variety of factors, so its at this stage that everyone sits down to discuss what would be involved if they go ahead.

4. The smile makeover!

We can fit the design without any delay, if you’re eager to show off your new smile! Our technicians then get to work on making the crowns and veneers in porcelain. This involves coming in for a second appointment where we can make the final permanent changes and make sure that everything looks just right.

smile makeover edel

Edel was delighted with her smile makeover Dr. Flannery with veneers

If you’re interested in a smile makeover, come and talk to us and we’ll find a design that’s right for you. The best place to start is a design that you’re happy with, after that you can relax and our team will give you a full plan and quote for the dentistry that would be involved.

Call us to book your smile design consultation: (01) 284 2570

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